石垣島・沖縄の暮らし/ a life in Ishigaki island, Okinawa.


石垣島の歯医者選び Choosing a Dentist in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa





しかしながら、田舎だからか? それぞれの歯医者さんの情報をネットで見ることができません。頼りは口コミ情報ばかり。世間話のネタとして「どこの歯医者がいい?」は定番ですね。


































There are so many dentists in Ishigaki Island.


However, because we are in the countryside, we can't see the information of each dentist on the Internet. All I can rely on is word-of-mouth information. As a topic of small talk, "Which dentist is good? is a standard topic of conversation.

There are some dentists who have their own websites, but you can't get detailed information about their schooling, skills, qualifications, and treatment policies unless you ask them directly.

If you call the dentist on the phone and ask, "Where did your dentist go to school? What qualifications does he have? What is your treatment policy? How is your hygiene management?", how would they think? I've never called a dentist and asked those questions because I thought they might think I was a pain in the ass. I wonder if I should? 



I've never met a dentist who uses microscopes or rubber dam in Ishigaki Island. Dental technology is advancing every day...

If you're too worried about it, it might be a good idea to find a dentist in main island Japan who has the technology you're comfortable with and have it done there.

I'm really scared of teeth, because once they're cut, they never come back.


Well, well.

I'd like to share with you some information I've gleaned from my limited experience.



The most popular dentist around me is "Yaima Dental".

The problem is that they are very popular and it's hard to get an appointment.

I heard that they use mouthpieces for orthodontic treatment for everyone from children to elderly people.

I also have badly aligned teeth, so I was advised that orthodontic treatment can be done at any age.

The building is new and clean, but the waiting room is not large, so it's best to arrive at your appointment on time.



Other dentists I've heard good things about are

Sunagawa Dental Clinic

Shiogai Dental Clinic

Shibata Family Dentistry




Dentists who offer orthodontics are

Yaima Dental (I don't know if they are certified in orthodontics)

Shibata Family Dentistry (orthodontic specialist comes from main island of Japan, once a month?)

Morioka Dentistry (orthodontist qualified, oral surgeon also on staff)


The above information is my personal opinion, so please do your own research before choosing a dentist.

May we all be able to receive satisfactory treatment without losing our teeth!